30 in 30 challenge

30 Countries - 30 Days - in a BMW E30
Highlighting the enthusiast community the BMW E30 has created
Raising funds for 3 charities
Europe - July 2017 - Come join us!

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What is the '30in30' challenge?

The idea behind the '30in30' challenge is to drive an almost 30 year old BMW E30 through 30 countries in 30 days in order to:

1) Highlight the fantastic community of enthusiasts the E30 has created in Europe and document such via a daily vlog (YouTube), web blog and social media updates throughout the trip.

2) Raise funds for 3 of our chosen charities (listed below).

The '30in30' challenge has been created by E30owners, a BMW E30 enthusiast community which was formed in Ireland in 2006 and has over 115,000 engaged followers across its social media channels.

Which countries will you be visiting?

The route is yet to be finalised and even when the challenge begins it may still be changed, however, it is looking like we will be visiting the following countries;

Ireland - UK - France - Luxembourg - Belgium - Netherlands - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech Republic - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria - Macedonia - Greece - Albania - Montenegro - Croatia - Slovenia - Italy - Switzerland - Spain

When will this be taking place?

We are planning for July 2017.

What car will you use?

We are currently on the hunt for a suitable BMW E30 here in Ireland.

How are you funding the trip?

The car will be provided by E30owners and some of the 'on road' expense of the trip will be funded by sponsors in return for extensive brand exposure.

Can I join you on the route?

Yes! We encourage any E30owners to join us on the road for sections of the trip within their country! Reach out to us on our social media!

Which charities are you supporting?

We have yet to confirm the charities we will be supporting however it is very likely they will focus on 1) Cancer Research & Treatment 2) Mental Health and 3) Vulnerable Children.

How are you raising funds for the charities?

We will be launching a dedicated fundraising page closer to the start date!

Can I help?

Yes! Please do if you can and here's how!

1) We will be looking to stay with fellow E30owners along the route! Our aim is document the community in full!

2) We are looking for suitable companies to come on board as sponsors in return for extensive brand exposure on what will be the most photographed and talked about BMW E30 this summer!

3) We need a 'vlogger' (pref based in Ireland) to accompany us on the trip in order to video everything for our YouTube channel.

Please contact us below or reach out to us on any of our social media accounts if you can help with any of the above! Thanks!

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